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Interactive Ways To Make Your Award Ceremony One To Remember

What do the biggest, most recognisable award ceremonies all have in common? They’re glamorous, for sure, and they all take place in front of huge crowds in even larger venues.

But they can also seem too long. By their very nature, awards ceremonies take time, and once the first few prizes are announced and the excitement has subsided, attendees can be left feeling deflated (especially once the announcement for their award has been and gone).

By incorporating interactivity into your awards event, you can create the surroundings to involve and engage your audience, making it a memorable evening for everyone – not just the winners.

Here are a few ways to do it…

1. Beam to the big screen

A surplus of video content – and a selection of screens on which to stream it – guarantees your award ceremony never peters out.

You can have special videos for each award and content designed to play during the breaks, all the while recording plenty of excellent footage of the event itself which you can use for future promotional purposes.

2. Audience voting

Depending on the nature of your awards ceremony, you may be able to let the audience pick the winner on the night!

Voting systems ensure attendees remain tuned into proceedings and play an active role in the ceremony, whether that’s nominating people for trophies, answering questions posed by the presenter, or choosing what they’d like from the menu.

3. Add light shows

Dazzle the audience at your awards ceremony with spectacular lighting that keeps the party alive and kicking. From uplighters and stage lighting to multi-coloured floodlights, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. This diversity ensures that guests don’t begin to feel fatigued whilst sitting in the dark gazing up at a spotlight-lit presenter.

An outstanding light show also adds a strong sense of vibrancy to surroundings – encouraging guests to pull out their phones, snap some videos, and spread footage of your event across social media.

4. Live Stream

 Alongside the standard recording of the event, be sure to set up a live stream for those who aren’t able to make it on the night.

This way, people at home can watch the whole event as it unfolds, keeping an eye out for their loved ones on camera who might be taking the stage to be crowned as winners at any moment…

5. Get everything in place by interacting with X3 Solutions


The X3 Solutions team are fully equipped to provide all of the above and more, injecting a refreshing sense of long-lasting energy into your award ceremony to keep your guests immersed in the action all night long.

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