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Essential Audio-Visual Questions You Need To Ask

Looking to wow your audience? Quality audio-visual kit is the way to go. A gorgeous picture and superb sound system are sure to portray your event in a glamorous light, but in order to get the results you want, you need to ask the right questions first.

Here’s a checklist of queries you should consider any time you contact an AV supplier:

These carefully worded questions will ensure you receive a service you deserve, and one that enables you to put on a fantastic show.


1. Are you free to explore the venue with me?


It can be quite difficult to explain the layout of a venue over the phone. Even images don’t always tell the whole story. That’s why it’s always worth asking the AV provider to join you in a walkthrough of the event space. This way, they can see the venue for themselves first-hand, and will subsequently be better placed to provide advice and support.


2. Where are the cables going to be placed?


Cables can pose a safety risk if left unchecked – and it isn’t just the venue that has an element of responsibility when it comes to ensuring the welfare of guests. As the event host, you must play your role in creating a safe environment free of hazards. By asking your AV supplier where the cables will go, you’ll know which areas to corner off so you can establish a secure setting.


3. What can I actually get for my money?


You deserve to know what sort of service you’ll get for your budget – but you need to be bold enough to ask the question before you commit to the purchase. Explain how much you have to spend and tell them what your preferences are. A good AV supplier will be able to show you exactly where your cash goes – laying out concrete figures and quantities in the process.


4. Have I got everything I need for this type of event?


Some AV suppliers will try to sell you everything under the sun – and you might be tempted to buy it all. You want your event to be something people remember, after all, so it can feel like a smart move to say yes to lots of equipment. But there is such a thing as having too much hardware. Going overboard can cause setup confusion, hitting your budget so hard you’re forced to cut back in other areas.

On the other side of the coin, being frugal isn’t a smart approach when it comes to AV kit either. If you’re not prepared to pay for the essentials, you’ll end up with a sub-par result that won’t leave your audience too impressed.

You need the right pieces of equipment for the occasion – and a great AV supplier can show you exactly what to go for.


5. What makes a quality AV service?


If you haven’t used an AV company before, how could you know what constitutes a good service?

Fortunately, the answer’s right here in front of you. X3 Solutions are one of the most respected AV suppliers in the UK, offering a customer-focused service that has your interests at heart and ensures you get the best possible result every time.

Give us a call on +44(0)1252 519303 or send a message to for more information.