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How to Create the Ultimate Event with the Latest AV Technology

Constant developments in AV technology are enabling businesses of all shapes and sizes to create their own version of the ultimate event, from insightful talks that incorporate striking visual elements, to interactive voting systems that fuel meaningful interaction between a presenter and their audience. Below are a few tips on how to use AV technology to full effect.


Cater to a global audience

Whilst you should treat your guests to high-quality AV systems that ensure sharp images and crystal clear sound, you can also share your event with the world through smart AV solutions.

Webcasting is becoming an increasingly popular tool for capturing and broadcasting everything that happens, with the option of airing it live or making the content available on-demand. By including this type of activity, your event will benefit from significantly increased longevity and perhaps even an additional revenue stream.


Include live polls and iPad solutions

Even the most gripping event can go through dips in the audience’s concentration, sometimes even due to unavoidable circumstances such as an early start or lunch being on the horizon. However, there are numerous tactics that can be adopted to guarantee full attention throughout, with live polls and iPad systems being an excellent example.

By inviting your guests to offer their personal opinions and ask questions via straightforward devices, you’ll engage them on a whole new level and assure them that their input is highly valued.


Make it the ultimate event that everyone wants to emulate

Comfortable seating? Check. Interesting speakers and presentations? Check. Mouth-watering snacks and hearty catering options? Double check! All of these elements are crucial to any gathering, but to create the ultimate event you need the genuine wow factor. To help you achieve this, a professional AV team can design anything from high-quality sound systems and eye-catching projections, to creative lighting that sets the mood and transforms the environment entirely.

If you really want to make the most of AV technology, you can hire a team, such as X3 Solutions, to build a 3D visualisation that will accurately show what the day will look like thanks to the wonders of professional rendering software. This is perfect for making sure that everything not only looks fantastic, but also runs smoothly as a result of valuable insight into every element of audio visual activity and how it all fits together.


If you’re interested in audio visual production to achieve effective brand experience events, that last long in the memories of your audience, then speak to X3 Solutions: the audio visual production specialists. We expertly provide event and conference production globally, for clients across a broad spectrum of industries. For more information and to discuss your AV requirements further, speak to the X3 Solutions team on: 01252 519303 or email