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How To Make The Most Of Your AV Budget

AV equipment is certain to completely enhance the effect of your event, but such a high impact comes at a cost. Although an expensive service can indicate that you’ll receive the very best, this doesn’t mean you should be spending over the odds on your overall AV budget.

You may be wondering how you can ensure this doesn’t happen, especially if you’ve not used an AV supplier before. There are a number of ways you can make the most of your AV budget, so we’ve put together three suggestions that’ll guarantee value for money:

Ask all the right questions:

Don’t simply ask a supplier for a quote and let that be it – make sure you continuously communicate with them by asking questions about their charges and service. There’s various things you can query, a key one being the exact costs and what you’ll receive for your money. For example, a fixed price doesn’t tell you anything, and it may be that they’ve included additional extras you may or may not need.

Also, ensure you know the full range of what’s available. A supplier might not have included the most recent technology that could better your event’s impact. On top of this, negotiate! Most providers will be able to decrease their costs, even if only slightly, if you don’t require a particular service or if your event is during off-peak hours.

Do your research:

Before draining all of your budget, ensure you conduct thorough research. Getting a few quotes will help set a standard for how much AV products and services should cost. It may be that one provider is cheaper, and another is charging more but offering extra.

Also, if you know anyone else who’s used an AV supplier previously, ask how much the different features cost them. And, if they used a supplier you’ve also received a quote from, check if the prices match up. It’s worth noting that some do increase their prices as time goes on, but if it’s not been long or if the rise is significant, then they could be trying to take advantage of your new-to-AV status.

Ensure it achieves the desired effect:

You’ll need to guarantee the products and service are right for the impact you’re hoping to have. Although you may think it’d be impossible to see how the AV would appear in action, that’s not true at all. For one, you can view previous work of a supplier, which may be similar to your event idea.

As well as this, the provider may use full 3D visualisation so you can see what your event will look like. X3 Solutions utilises state-of-the-art 3D rendering software that creates bespoke, life-like designs. This means you’ll have no doubt how your event will look on the day, and that it’ll be of the very best fit to your specification.

As one of the leading AV suppliers, we can help you with all things audio visual – from high quality sound systems to webcasting. Whatever your requirements, our customer-focused service will ensure you’ll make the most of your budget. Request a quote by giving us a call on +44(0)1252 519303, or sending a message to