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X3 Team Download Series: Simon Reast

Sometimes approaching an AV team to work with on your events can be a daunting prospect. That’s why we wanted to help you get to know the X3 team better. Come and find out more about the AV experts behind the X3 brand, in the new ‘X3 team download’ series.

In this edition of the X3 team download, we’ll be talking to X3 Senior Production Engineer, Simon Reast.


Q. Hi, Simon. Jumping straight in. What do you think the key to a great AV production service is?

A. I’ve been in the AV industry for over 16 years and in this time I’ve come to realise that providing AV for clients is far more than supplying equipment, setting up and breaking down. It’s about building strong relationships and working closely with clients to understand the vision for their events and designing creative solutions that will bring this to life for them. The X3 team take this approach on every project we work on and we centre our clients at the core of everything we do.


Q. You’ve been with X3 for over three years as a Senior Production Engineer, could you tell us more about what your role entails and where your AV expertise lies?

A. I have a very hands on role with X3. I get involved in all aspects. From prepping the equipment in the warehouse, through to loading it up onto the vans and lorries ready for departure. Sometimes I’ll drive the equipment to the event itself and this can take me all over Europe. Once onsite, I’m responsible for the unload and AV setup process. It’s great being an all-rounder onsite of an event, as I can get involved with the sound, lighting and visual elements, as well as supporting the team with stage and set builds.

As a creative and visual person, I’m naturally drawn to the video and data components of an events audio visual; it’s great to play a part in delivering the visual impact for an event.


Q. What would your advice be to an event organiser who is looking for professional AV but is concerned about the cost?

A. Investing in expert AV production for live events will always be money well spent. I think AV can help emphasise the clients’ message in a way that just would not be possible without professional audio visual; imagine a product launch or corporate event without technology! It just wouldn’t work.

Of course, cost will always be an important factor to consider for our clients, but we work closely with them to understand their expectations and their allotted budget. This detail is taken into consideration when we recommend our AV production solutions and we ensure that whatever we put forward will deliver the right impact at the right cost for the project.


Q. Of all the destinations you’ve travelled to as part of your role with X3, which has been your favourite?

A. The X3 team travel all over the world delivering audio visual production and onsite AV support, so picking one top destination is tricky as there have been so many that are all amazing in their own right. However, there is one place that always stands out and that’s Tokyo, Japan; it was such a different place with its own unique challenges, but it was an absolutely awesome experience.

Being able to travel to new places across the globe is a really fantastic part of my role with X3; I get to see incredible locations and work in diverse environments. Supplying AV in different parts of the world means that the X3 team can confidently manage projects that involve regional complexities. We aren’t phased by challenges and use our knowledge and experience to deliver a seamless experience for our clients – that’s what it’s all about with X3.


Q. Why do you think trust is such an important component between X3 Solutions and your clients?

A. A client will select us for our AV expertise and therefore every interaction we have with them has to demonstrate this and our ability to deliver professional AV solutions that align with their brief. As a result of doing this, trust is instilled, develops and grows, which is vital for an effective working relationship. When there is two-sided trust, we can work and get on with what we do best, allowing our clients to rely on us and put their focus on other event priorities that may need their attention.


Q. What trends are shaping X3’s approach to event AV at the moment?

A. People expect a creative element to make an event memorable. We live in a social media age, so looking good and engaging an audiences’ attention in the right way is so important in expanding an events overall reach. This is definitely influencing the approach we take to events and provides us with an exciting opportunity to recommend the different technology options and techniques that can help deliver a standout look and feel; enhancing a brands ability to deliver their messages effectively.

Interactivity is also a big trend that continues to shape events. Event organisers are really realising that nobody just wants to sit and be talked at for hours on end anymore. This has led to an increased uptake in voting systems and iPad integration: giving delegates the opportunity to ask questions, input their opinions and vote on event topics.

In-event filming and capturing all aspects of an event is becoming more popular too. Larger events are using this style of content to close their events and provide a visually stimulating roundup of their programme. Organisers also re-purpose this content as promotional event collateral post-event, which extends its usability and can help justify the filming cost.

On the whole the continuing evolution of technology is what seems to instigate trends in the events industry, and we’re always looking out for the latest AV tech that can be implemented to convey a clients’ event message in more powerful and unforgettable ways.


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